Spotlight or God's Light? Living for God in an industry that is living for itself can be hard. Being a pageant girl with strong faith has its challenges, the largest of which is figuring out how to balance your love for the spotlight with your desire to be in God's light. Through this 30-day devotional, each day will find you renewed, refreshed and inspired to begin allowing your faith and fame to coexist so you can use your faith to make an impact on others in the realm of pageantry. Through Biblical insight, real life stories, and impactful and thought provoking daily reflection, you will learn how to let your eternal crown shine as brightly as the one on your head. In the first devotional of its kind that is specifically geared toward young women in pageantry, you will learn how to be God's light during your time in the spotlight as a pageant queen. You don't have to let the spotlight diminish the light that God has put in you. This 30 day journey is about finding who you are and what God wants you to do where you are and not being afraid to do just that.

Spotlight or God's Light Devotional