Welcome to the world of UNM. We operate several national programs within our UNM Universe that leave young women empowered, motivated, encouraged, inspired and equipped to reach their full potential. 

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UNM's national platform program that inspires young women to find their passion for service and become active in making a difference in their communities.

UNM's award winning national pageant offers scholarships, travel, prizes, and life changing opportunities for young women.

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Our official slogan is also a movement to bring unity to the pageant community and strengthen sisterhood among young women in pageantry, and culminates in a Positive Pageantry Festival at nationals with uplifting speakers to inspire and empower self-confidence.

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Workshop series with our founder and CEO that helps young women navigate their pageant journey and offers inspiration along the way. 

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Real talk that spreads the message of positive self-worth and acceptance to empower young women to view themselves as God's masterpiece.

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Runway shows produced by UNM that highlight the best styles, designers, and brands in pageantry.

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Each year we offer Business, Marketing, Public Relations and Administrative Internships to young women, to allow them to develop real-world work experience and grow their skill set to advance their future professional endeavors and set them on the road to success. We work with many Universities to provide college credits through UNM Internships.