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Approved Hair & Make up

Below is the approved hair and make up artists who will be in the official UNM Nationals hair and make up room at nationals 2023. We will continue adding artists as they confirm their attendance. 


Emerie Jones Artistry– official hair and make up artist of UNM Nationals

Austin Ryde

Victoria Duke Beauty

Team Flawless

Makeup by Meg

Elevated Artistry

MHD Beauty

Ali lee Glam

True Beauty Glam

The Art of Beauty
Book here

Makeup Mastery by Jon Paul

Glam by Urban Glow
Larri Brown


LAs World

Leslie Templin

Luxe Asteria Beauty



Luxe Asteria Beauty


Teeth Whitening

Enlightened Expressions- Gwinnett

Book here


Tan Vendors

24 Hour tan

The Crowning Moment

Rack & Mirror Rental


Get Yours Here

Flower Delivery

Hoorays from Hollywood - Deadline to pre-order is June 23
See order info


Wardrobe Steaming
The Crowning Moment Steaming

Click here

Photos & Videos
National Photo Orders


National Video Orders

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