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National Platform

Get INSPIREd to make a difference!


UNM prioritizes character and service-based initiatives through our national platform INSPIRE. INSPIRE is a program of UNM that inspires a lifestyle of service and encourages our delegates to serve in their area of passion and purpose, with all service initiatives falling under one of the 3 pillars of our all-encompassing platform: 

INSPIRE Compassion – helping those in need, sending care packages, and volunteering for humanitarian causes to help people.

INSPIRE Kindness–  random acts of kindness, mentoring the next generation, and community projects that build a kinder and more humane society and world.

INSPIRE Earth– taking action to care for our earth through environmental projects such as ocean clean ups, endangered animal conservation, tree plantings, and other earth friendly service initiatives.

What INSPIREs you to serve? Homelessness? Abused animals? Ocean clean ups? UNM's national platform enables young women to find their passion and get INSPIREd to serve, volunteer make a difference.

Be INSPIREd. Take action on issues that you’re passionate about through UNM's national platform. There will be 3 INSPIRE Days throughout the year. Please view the events calendar in the handbook for details. #UNMINSPIRE

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Created by USA National Jr. Teen 2022, Alyssa Hernandez. the INSPIRE Starter Pack is a guidebook to help you discover your passion and formulate a plan to begin your INSPIRE service work. 

Inspire Magazine Feature

Here's your chance to be featured in INSPIRE Magazine! This magazine will be released at nationals and will feature some of our state and national queens living out the INSPIRE message. Submit your photos and a description of your INSPIRE service work by May 15 to be featured.

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